Welcome to McMaster University! The transition to university can be difficult. The Summer Orientation for Academic Readiness (SOAR) is a four-week orientation program that will help prepare you for life at McMaster. Join university faculty, leaders and upper-year students as we discuss common concerns, campus resources and the skills needed to be successful. Each week will have a new theme, but you are welcome to ask questions at any time. Do you have a question? E-mail us at newstudent@mcmaster.ca.

SOAR Schedule:

Week 1

July 17-21: Welcome to University!

Week 2

July 24-28: Managing Time and Finding Balance

Week 3

July 31-August 4: Learning in Lecture

Week 4

August 8-11: Being a University Learner

 SOAR Objectives:

Pie chart displaying the three main objectives of SOAR: Build confidence through learning, Access student support, and Feel connected with the McMaster community

Build Confidence through Learning

Do you struggle with procrastination and feel guilty about it? Are you concerned that you won’t be able to keep up in lectures and take good notes? Are you stressed about juggling first year of studies while working and/or living away from home? Although it’s cliché, it’s also true that knowledge is power! Through SOAR, we’ll give you strategies for tackling your new life so that you have confidence!

Access Student Support

Even if you had straight-As in high school, there’s a good chance that you’ll need help in first-year university.  This website will introduce you to professors and student support services (like the Student Wellness Centre and the Student Success Centre) because you’ll need to use this network to navigate your work.  Besides, you’re already paying for student services through your tuition, so it makes sense to use them!

Feel Connected with the McMaster Community

We want you to know that you are not alone!  SOAR features interviews with both upper year students and instructors so that you can experience the type of community you will be joining.  Also, we hope to get you connected with student clubs and organizations to help you build your new McMaster family.