Learning Support

The Student Success Centre

Our mission is to engage students and alumni in diverse learning opportunities to support their academic, personal and professional growth.

Your success is at the core of the services and programs offered by the Student Success Centre at McMaster University. Our long-standing commitment will support you from the time you accept your offer of admission up to 5 years after graduation in the areas of student orientation, academic skills, leadership, service-learning, volunteerism, educational planning, employment and career transition.

How can we help?

First, you can make an appointment with either an Academic Skills Coach or a Writing Assistant. Academic Skills Coaches can help with such skills as time management, reading strategies, exam preparation, and organization, while Writing Assistants are available to help with any stage of the writing process. From September to April, you can make an appointment in OSCARplus or drop in to the Academic Skills office in the Mills Library Learning Commons.

Workshops are also available throughout the year on a range of topics. You can come as often as you like – and bring a friend!

What else does the SSC do?

Outside of the world of academic skills, the Student Success Centre has fantastic programs and services to help in your success both in school and outside of school. You can see us for important leadership skills development, volunteer opportunities and mentoring, plus a ton of resources and services to help you reach your career and educational goals. We’re a one-stop shop for everything you need to be successful.

For first generation students:

A First Generation student is a student whose parent(s) or guardian(s) have not attended a post-secondary institution. If your sibling(s) attended a post-secondary institution, but your parents or guardians have not, you are still considered a First Generation student.

Being the first person in your family to attend university can be exciting, motivating, and nerve-wracking. Where do you start? Who do you check in with when you have questions? Most students have these questions. We want to make your transition to university as easy as possible and help you connect with other students who are new to university, too.

Our First Generation student services are part of an integrated program, which means that most of the services on this page are available to all students. What makes our First Generation program different is that it highlights the services that our previous First Generation students found helpful during their time here and holds exclusive events to help you connect with students who share your experiences.

Contact Us

Student Success Centre
Gilmour Hall 110
905-525-9140 ext. 24254

Student Accessibility Services

Student Accessibility Services can review a variety of academic accommodations for any student with a disability. To establish their accommodation plans, students must meet with an SAS Program Coordinator and are encouraged to connect with SAS as soon as possible to ensure timely intake. Additional resources include: learning strategies, assistive technology, test and exam administration, note-taking, and transition support. For more information, please visit https://sas.mcmaster.ca/ or contact us.

Student Accessibility Services
McMaster University Student Centre (MUSC) B107
905-525-9140 ext. 28652

Help Centres on Campus

What happens if you’re having trouble in a course and need some help understanding the content? For instance, no matter what you do, maybe you can’t figure out the solution to a difficult math problem.

Many students don’t realize there are a few help centres on campus to help with certain subjects. See a tutor, find resources, and ask questions!

Math Help Centre

Find math resources and information about the Math Help Centre on their website.

First-year students might also appreciate the mathematics review manual, which will help prepare you for math at McMaster. See it here: Math Review Manual

Economics Clinics and Tutors

Students who are having difficulty in first- and second-year economics courses can visit the Economics Clinic, run by graduate-level students in Kenneth Taylor Hall (KTH), room 324.

More information is available here: http://www.economics.mcmaster.ca/undergraduate-program/academic-support

Physics Drop-In Centre

The Physics Drop-in Centre is located in the basement of Thode Library and provides tutoring and resources for students needing help in physics courses. More information is available on the Physics Drop-In Centre website: http://www.physics.mcmaster.ca/?page=dropin_centre.html

You can also take advantage of the free Physics Help Initiative (PHI), which involves help for students in first-year physics courses. Assistance is available in the Burke Science Building (BSB) room B119, and information is available on their website: http://www.mups.ca/phi/

Chemistry Help Centre

The Chemistry Help Centre is located the basement of Thode Library and is a great resource for anyone looking for help in first-year chemistry courses. The centre is open Monday to Friday with hours to be announced in September.

Academic Advising

Academic advising is an integral part of planning your journey through post-secondary education. These offices provide invaluable information about the structure of your education and can help you make the right choices in planning your course selections.

Business Academic Advising

Engineering Academic Advising

Health Sciences Academic Advising

Nursing Academic Advising

Humanities Academic Advising

Science Academic Advising

Social Sciences Academic Advising