SOAR Weeks

July 17-21
SOAR Week 1: Welcome to University

This week will introduce you to university life and how to start your journey on the right foot. Learn some of the differences between high school and university, meet some of the key people and resources that will help in your transition, and start thinking about your long-term goals!


July 24-28
SOAR Week 2: Managing Time and Finding Balance

This week is all about time management: the common concerns, what to expect, and the tools and strategies available to make it all work. University life can be difficult to manage; there are a number of conflicting priorities and with so many clubs, social events, and assignments to balance, many students find themselves overwhelmed and busy. We will share real strategies and show you where to go when you need some extra support.


July 31-August 5
SOAR Week 3: Learning in Lectures

For most students, lecture halls are new and sometimes intimidating environments. Classrooms might hold hundreds of students, material moves along quickly, and there might not be time to ask questions. It’s completely normal to feel a bit lost at first. This week we will talk all about lectures and note-taking, discussing the different strategies, tools, and behaviours that will help you get the most out of your time in the classroom.


August 8-11
SOAR Week 4: Being a University Learner

University academics will require different learning and study strategies than you’re used to. This week we will discuss how to think at the university level, focusing on study strategies, active learning, critical thinking, and how to write essays. Let’s get ready for university academics!


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